Biotic 365 – Advanced Probiotic Technology for Optimal Gut Health

The Biotic 365™ by Dr. Su Sachar, M.D. 


Dr. Su Sachar, M.D.


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Nutrition From Nature’s Cupboard.

We serve up health supplements the way Nature intended… with the purest and most potent ingredients that support your health from the inside out. Always Real. Completely Natural. Perfectly Safe.

United-ProbioticsBiotic 365 is available in a convenient encapsulated formulation. Where the powdered forms may be lost or are wasted by spilling, the capsule is easy to swallow. In this way, a complete dose of the required probiotic is administered efficiently. Moreover, the capsules are vegan-friendly, catering for individuals from all lifestyles.

United Probiotics is a company delivering its services in the health industry via different platforms, the probiotic range being one of them.

The company promises to put across its customers, supplements of the highest quality with a potent formula.

One of their products is Biotic 365, a probiotic blend that combines the up-to-date scientific research with effective ingredients to help you achieve a superior gut health.

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Probiotics are live microorganisms, which inadequate clinical dose deliver health benefits to us on administration. Probiotics have a recognized status in treating and preventing many chronic inflammatory conditions and infections of our gut and latest researchers have added to their significance.


Diseases affecting our gut have risen in prevalence and incidence worldwide. Where there are many causative factors behind gut morbidity, the most rampant and established cause is the injudicious use of antibiotics. The careless attitude regarding antibiotics harms our gut lining and the intestinal flora like no other dynamic.


Our gut has a symbiotic relationship with certain strains of bacteria that are beneficial to our overall health. Unhealthy dietary habits or unwise use of antibiotics often disturb this relationship. The dilemma caused by antibiotics is made worse by the emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms and the so-called ‘superbugs’. However, the situation is still manageable by taking a little extra care of our gut species and probiotics help us do just that.

Probiotics have been on the health scene for over a century however, extensive research in the fields of biotechnology has enabled the researchers to come up with designer probiotics that are robust and efficient enough to deliver clinically verified results.

Biotic 365 is one such product of the same line created by United Probiotics. The Biotic 365 is a super blend of probiotics and multivitamins, created under the skills and expertise of Dr. Su Sachar, M.D. Dr.Su is the head of nutrition department at United Probiotics and currently delivering her services to the specific company.

United Probiotics claims to bring nutritional products right from nature’s cupboard. They promise to deliver products that are

  • Potent
  • Natural
  • Pure
  • Safe

The supplement range of United Probiotics is proudly manufactured in the US under cGMP certification. Great consideration is given to the use of renewable energy resources and recyclable ingredients to reduce the load on the environment.


The efficacy, stability, and safety of the supplements are ensured by independent third-party laboratory evaluations for ultimate customers’ satisfaction and trust.

Further attributes to United Probiotics supplements are

  • Certified organic
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non-GMO

The ingredient list of the subject supplement, Biotic 365, is quite long with scientific names for the incorporated microorganisms. There is an addition of a proprietary blend of prebiotics in Biotic 365. Prebiotics can be simply termed as ‘nutrition or food’ for the probiotics. They help in paving the environment for the arrival of the probiotics into the gut and help them colonize efficiently.

If you are suffering from bloating issues, diarrheal bouts alternating with constipation, pain, and cramps, flatulence, you might want to try the Biotic 365, which is available in vegan-friendly packaging to avoid further damage to your gut. Having sour brash and acid reflux in H. pylori infection or suffering from chronic disease states as irritable bowel syndrome, Biotic 365 relieves you of the symptoms and makes your life manageable.

Biotic 365 assists the already present good bacteria in your gut and exert their action via

  • Decreasing the number of bad bacteria in the gut that are responsible for the inflammation or a disease state
  • Replacing the good bacteria that may have been lost during an antibiotic course
  • Restoring the balance between the good and bad bacteria thus bringing the homeostasis of the gut

After a severe infection of any kind, where you need to take a full seven-day course of antibiotics, there are many herbal remedies for balancing the gut habitat, some individuals rely on raw garlic while some patients are advised to take lots of yogurt and related products. However, to be honest, how many of us can tolerate the garlic smell or take yogurt in the required amount. On top of it, these alternate therapies take time to render action whereas the situation in the gut calls for a swift action. Biotic 365 with its superior blend of good bacteria acts swiftly and promptly to aid the gut health.


The intestinal misery left behind an antibiotic use may not culminate in immediate signs and symptoms. Evidence for gut disarray also takes the form of skin allergies, brain fog, loss of focus and concentration, fungal infections, lactose intolerance. In many advanced cases, a gradual decline in weight and nutritional deficiencies may also arise. Taking a probiotic as Biotic 365 has its upshots in avoiding progression to such underlying circumstances where health is misleadingly compromised.

The bacteria are already part of our intestinal system as a disease-fighting and digestive aid. The modern dietary patterns and food items have made the bacterial colony vulnerable to imbalance and taking a quality probiotic as Biotic 365 helps restore the bacterial strength for the best of immunity states. It does so by reducing the risk of indigestion, protects against diarrhea, aids in the digestion of lactose (milk) containing products and strengthens the immune system overall.

Biotic 365 is equally beneficial in cases of intestinal ailments as well as to promote general well being in otherwise healthy individuals. Free from gluten and lactose, Biotic 365 is free from binders, fillers, and animal by-products, thereby making it the best choice among its counterparts for an immunity boost.

The cost of Biotic 365 is about $45 (a limited sale price) and purchases above $50 are delivered free of any shipping costs. You can choose from a selection of 1-6 package sizes with 30 capsules packaging. In case of any dissatisfaction, an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee supports the customers.